Finals Week

well, I took a break from the research papers to finish grading the projects from my 2d Design class. I don't feel like taking the time to explain the whole project (again), but basically they are supposed to communicate the visual effect of a scene without using iconography (so they must completely rely on design tools). All of the projects have three compositions and some kind of movement. My classes did really well. Out of the thirty something projects, these are a couple of my favorites:

this first one shows the envious relationship of a contained force to a free one.

this all too cute example, shows natural force consuming the artificial.

this one could have been made much better, but at least design wise, he showed a dark force imprisoning a light force.

Here some curvilinear forces are overcome by jagged forces.

I may put up some more later.


Chara said...

I really like that first one. Maybe it's just the color- which i find very vibrant and engaging. Maybe its the way it transitions- it seems like a very organic change. Or maybe its because i haven't eaten and it looks like pizza.


Laura said...

these are kind of stories too, Chara. The three compositions we call a "plot." Just expressed with our iconography (which is sometimes equal to words).