Five a Day

My neice Haydn is getting a kitchen set for Christmas, so I'm knitting her some fruits and vegetables to go with it. So far I have a carrot, a bananna, and broccoli. I think these are just too cute. It's kind of hard to tell from the picture, but the broccoli has two little branches. I have plans for an apple and some green beans as well.


Chara said...

Way too cute!

kate said...


Are you following a pattern?

If you wanted to, you could easily sell those on Etsy.com. Have you seen this site? It's kind of like Ebay in that people put up their own handmade goods for sale. No auctions, just buying outright. You should do it.

Laura said...

I'm just making them up as I go (which is why the banana ended up kind of lemon shaped). They really didn't take long to make, but finding time is the problem.

You always have the greatest links. I'll have to think about that.