FreeStyle Crochet

Okay, I stole this from Chara. In art, I love when boundaries get blurred. And one blurry boundary I especially love is that of what used to be called high art and low art. High art (in modernist times) was supposedly higher, because it had theory and good design and skill. Low art lacked the theory. But really, art is really good when it comes out of life, out of experience. Sometimes that means it's rough around the edges. So perhaps "low art" has theory too, it's just the philosophy of the common people.

The inequity of that distinction is accepted today. A couple of years ago, the Whitney Museum in New York featured the quilts made by common black women from Gee's Bend , Alabama. I absolutely love these. Check it out.


Galathea said...

The quilts remind me of the ones that used to hang in Brentwood library, back in the day that I worked there.
The crochet is your work, right?

Laura said...

Oh no, someone in Chara's office made this. I've been wanting to do this kind of stuff since I first saw that exhibit, and a similar show at the Frist too. But alas, I have too many interests.

Chara said...

You cut cute little Goldie's head out of the picture!