Look at me, I'm posting!

This is John, that's right, not Laura. So this is that blogger-ma-jig that you kids talk so much about. Well, it's pretty nice, I guess, but it can't beat a good old fashioned letter followed by a modest two week wait for reply. In my day we had to sit around imagining our friend's and loved one's lives and the often-fuzzy images that accompanied them. We didn't go snooping around in their personal effects, or, as you kids say, "googling them" to find out their secrets.

Ok, so that's enough of that. So this is a picture of the latest "I heart" series of bumper stickers for our friend Warren and his truck. We put in on yesterday, but I was a big goober and didn't take an actual picture of the bumper because I could just tell he was going to catch me.

Warren, you see, doesn't like being in his office.


Chara said...

That's a great bumoer sticker.
I'm sort of suprised that you haven't been sticking it on in the middle of the night while wearing black face paint and black pajamas.

Laura said...

Yay! John finally published, I was starting to feel silly for having the screen name "john and laura."

Seriously, I don't think Warren has been in this building for over a month.

Unknown said...

that is so great.

you should blog more ol'timer.