I made these tiny little cookies at Mom's house over the break. They got lots of oohs and ahs, but unfortunately, if you eat one they're not so good. I'm making a new batch tonight. I've got some plans to try to make them taste better, and to keep them from flattening out during baking. Also, I'm going to make them a little bigger. The turkey was Tara's idea. It doesn't look as good as some of the others, but it cracks me up.


Chara said...

Other ideas for cookies:
faces of people (like Dr. Sewell, or Earl Edwards)
dishes, forks and spoons
Bugs (mmm)
Paintings (picasso in butter cream!)

Laura said...

Shameful update. I made the new batch taste better, and I made them larger. Unfortunately they melted even worse than the first. Oh well.