Nicholas Crowns

Give a crown, share some joy.
Whenever I sew, L always asks, "What are you making for me?"  It always makes me smile, because this is how a three year old thinks.  So this weekend, when I was sewing some dress-up crowns, I told her, "I'm making crowns like yours.  But these are for some other kids.  Other kids who don't have crowns."

"They don't have crowns!?"

And then I realized maybe this was a chance to teach her about something bigger than sharing.  Maybe it was a chance to teach her compassion.

L likes to dress up in her crown (and tutu and mittens) and pretend she is a princess, because it makes her feel special.  I wondered if there were other kids who might need to be reminded that they are special too.  So I asked you guys if you knew any kids who might need a crown.

By the end of the day, you introduced me to three beautiful families with children who might like a crown.  Two children who are very sick, and one little boy whose mommy is very sick. It reminded me that life hits us hard sometimes, and it doesn't show favoritism.  Children suffer and grieve like the rest of us, and this is harder to bear.

As we packaged our crowns to put in the mail, I was telling L about the children.  She asked about one girl, "why is she sick?"
I told her, "I don't know."
"But this crown will make her feel better."
My heart sank.  Will this crown really make any difference for that very sick little girl?

I don't know.  But I am learning that compassion is the beginning of love, and without love we are nothing.  Will it make a difference?  Let's find out together.

For the next three months, you can submit the name of a child who has an extra need to feel special, and I will send them a crown. (Now closed, thank you everyone!) That's it.  A silly, simple, dress-up crown, that they can put on and become a Princess or King, Victor or Olympiad, Superhero or Fairy, or whatever special person they imagine.

Read the details below.

About the Nicholas Crown project:

1.  What is the goal of the Nicholas Crown project? 
(a) With your help, to give away as many crowns as I can to special children,  (b) spreading a little bit of joy to those who most need it; and in the process, (c) to learn about compassion together with my children. 

2. How can I participate?
I need your help!  Here's what you can do: (the project has now ended.  Thanks so much to everyone who participated.  You can still make crowns yourself to spread a little joy.  The free tutorial is here. Or if you know someone who still reeeally needs a crown, send me an email.)  

3. Who can receive a crown?
No one will be turned down. 

4.  What information do you need?
All I must have is the child's name and a mailing address.  You can give me the parent's email address and I will contact them for permission, or your own address and you can deliver it.

5.  Who has received a crown already?
I'll be keeping the recipients anonymous. However, I've assembled a gallery of crowns.  This way, we can all enjoy the cheerful crowns, and remember that each represents a special child.

6.  How long will it take to get the crown?
I will try to mail the crowns within a week.  We'll see how it goes.

7. Why is the deadline on May 4?
May 4th is my 30th birthday!  Help me celebrate by spreading joy and compassion.

8.  Who is Nicholas?
I learned this year about the Kindness Project.  The idea is to perform acts of kindness in the name of a loved one who was lost too soon.  In this way you create a legacy for them.  This is for my Nicholas.


Laura said...

What a wonderful generous idea! I'm sure you'll brighten many days.

Shirley said...

What a wonderful, caring thing to do. You truly live your faith.
Love all you Wilsons.

Rachael @Mogantosh said...

This is a beautiful and inspiring project. Just filled in the form. Australia may be too far for you, but good luck with this regardless. xx

Sara said...

Tears...you already know I love this!

Hayley said...

You are awesome.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

What a wonderful, caring, generous, loving, compassionate thing to do!


Anonymous said...

This post had me in tears. Thank you so much for your generousity! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful, generous and inspirational!

Annie said...

I don't have the name of a child in need right now, but I think this is a marvelous project you are taking on. Sometimes I feel as if I need a crown of my own, so I know how much a child will enjoy getting such a wonderful, unexpected gift. Come to think of it, maybe I'll make a few to give to the grownups I know who deserve a little whimsy in their lives!

Laura said...

Annie - that's a great idea! I may be keeping one for myself as well. My girls think it's hilarious when I wear one.

I've already been so moved by the conversations I'm having. I feel so lucky that people are sharing and including me in their lives.

Anonymous said...

This is really wonderful.

Chara said...

I just looked at the crowns you've already sent and I have to say that I am very impressed. They're so interesting and creative! Love you!

Suyai said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!! A gorgeous bright red crown arrived today in our mail and my wee 3 year old wore it all day long and, in his wee world, felt really good! You're a great inspiration. Thank you, once again, all the way from Ireland. xoxo

Kristy said...

How lovely! :)