Vegan Valentines

 I've been trying out a some vegan fudge recipes like this incredible one, meaning to give them as gifts this year.  Unfortunately, they all turned out too soft for giving away (or is that fortunate since I get to eat them?), so I ended up making this Peanut Buttercup Caramel Popcorn at the last minute.  I think I used all the pots in my kitchen twice today, and I was very grateful for my candy thermometer.  But I ended up with a nice valentine basket.

eta: I had to update to add a picture of my fudge that did eventually set after 24 hours.  It turned out great, maybe a little gritty from the raw sugar.   I've never made fudge before, so I think it will only get better from here. 

I also printed these adorable Valentines to make with L.  I wasn't sure how into it she'd be, but she loved it.  And I love it.  I recreated the idea with a red crayon for the little tags on my popcorn bags.  They're designed by Brooke Reynolds at Inchmark.  I just love all of her simple and beautiful designs.  Her Valentines for this year are even more wonderful, and I'm just giddy with love for it.  Go, love her, too.


Caitlyn said...

Brandon got me the Divvie's Bakery Cookbook at the library one time. It was written by a woman whose kid has a nut, gluten, and dairy allergy. Her fudge recipe was definitely the best vegan fudge I've tried.

And, it's super easy!


Laura said...

thanks, Caitlyn. bookmarked it!