Home Preschool

We're doing a little preschool at home, and I thought I'd share what we're doing.  I'm a complete novice at homeschooling, so maybe you guys can help me figure it out as I go.

We have our formal school time in the morning right after breakfast because the girls are both willingly sitting at the table, and we're all still in good moods.  It's a great way to start the day, and always puts me in a productive mood.  It usually lasts 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how much fun they're having.  Each week we focus on a letter and most of our projects relate to the letter.  Every day, I hang their coloring projects on the wall next to the table, so we can talk about them at dinner when John gets home.  I also try to make sure I work in other activities during the day, which I guess is more like unschooling.  But it helps me to remember to do them if I make it part of our pre-school goal.

Some of our resources and activities:
  • my Phonics Coloring Book, and the full size sheets 
  • listen to a weekly bible reading and a corresponding Bible coloring page 
  • Letter Virtue coloring pages (sweet drawings by another homeschooling mom)
  • free coloring pages from here or here
  • painting letters on large scale, and just paint for fun.  This is how I taught L to write her name, she's really into black.
  • read together for about 30 minutes
  • constructive play (legos, play dough, or playing outside)
  • pickup toys and put away plates at meal times
I also love the ideas I've read in The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections by Amanda Soule.  Since reading this lovely book, we've found more ways to incorporate the arts and learning into our home.  I especially enjoy our ever growing dress up basket and our art center.  Plus, it made me realize the immense value of the time we spend playing outside.


Beth M. said...

I've been doing preschool at home with my daughter too. Here's a website I have found very helpful, with tons of preschool activities and crafts:


My favorite thing on there is all the printable crafts - I print out a template, my daughter cuts out the pieces and glues them together to make the animal (or whatever). It's quick and easy for me, and my daughter loves it.

Lock Family said...

We've home-schooled our two for about five years now and we found this couple of sites useful when they were a bit younger (now age 9 and 7).



We tend to be very flexible and autonomous in our learning but every home-schoolers has their own way of working. Just carry on having fun with your kids x

Jacinda said...

Hi! I'm a new follower, though I've been reading your site for a few weeks now. I love your plush toys and think you are amazingly creative! I'm a new-ish sewist and you inspire me! Keep up the great work!

Laura said...

Thanks for the links, guys! I'll be checking them out.

Unknown said...

you and john will be fabulous homeschool/unschool parents! i am so excited for louise and june. i'll be taking notes for ezri ;) love.