Bouncy Bunny Pattern Give-Away!

I'm excited to announce that  many of my old patterns will be coming back to my shop, and some new ones, too! I'll be adding a few each week this summer, including some old favorites like Smile Crocodile and George and the Dragon Flip Doll, as well as some new loves like the Bright Ideas Computer and Bird on My Shoulder. I'll also have 7 limited time give-aways this summer starting today! As always, the best way to find out about those is to subscribe to this blog by email or whatever feed reader you use. (I don't do mass emails, and I don't blog that much - so that's the best I can do!)

So what's up first? This week Smile Crocodile is returning to the shop with new friends Elephant Parade and Cat and Fish Turnover. Plus, Bouncy Bunny has been added to the shop, but you can get her free this week (June 1-7, 2017) RIGHT HERE. These bunnies are some of my kids' favorites because they are so fun to bounce. Their legs stretch out long when they jump, and those haunches are easier to make than they look!

Bouncy Bunny has long floppy legs, filled with pellets
and an elastic string to help her bounce.

Elephant Parade is a set of 6 Elephants that hook together to form a parade!
Play barrel of elephants, form a circle or use them as a bunting!

This pattern comes in two sizes, and is super fun in lots of colors.

Cat and Fish Turnover is an optical illusion in a plush.
A goldfish on one side, and a pretty kitty on the other. 

The great news is that the regular patterns will be only $5 and flip dolls will be $7 in the shop, so stay tuned!

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