Pine Lizards

L has been hunting lizards lately. She caught this lizard (she named him Kosmos) by the garden, and Daddy let her keep him overnight in her bug box. The next day when she was letting him go again, she caught another lizard! 

She named the new lizard Cool Chatchman. They got to meet briefly before L let the first one go.

We looked him up and discovered he is an Easter Fence Lizard, or a Pine Lizard.  We were really excited to learn that, because last year we found some lizard eggs and let them hatch in a jar on our porch. The day they hatched, we got to see them a bit before letting them go in the garden again. They were also Pine Lizards, so we're just sure this lizard is one of the babies we saw last year. :)

just hatched

She recorded these lizards in her field journal. :)

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