Lego House on the Banks of Plum Creek

We've been spending our evenings reading the Little House series off and on for awhile now. I've really enjoyed family reading time now that we've finally been able to commit to it, and all of the Little House stories have really kept us all eager to hear more.

This week we decided to build a Lego Little House! The girls were skeptical at first, thinking it would be too hard without instructions, but I said I would help (because, come on, I want to play, too!), and it ended up coming together more easily than they expected.

After a bit of fighting over whether we would keep it assembled forever or only a few days, they've been playing with Ma, Pa, Laura and Mary for the last few hours. I looked around on pinterest for other Lego Little House sets, and Lou said, "put ours on there!" So here it is:

The dug-out house on the banks of plum creek!
Unfortunately, lego friends don't come with long skirts.

Lou built the wagon. We only had two wheels, so she worked with what we had.
The part of Pa is played by Flynn Ryder, Ma's long skirt courtesy of Cinderella.

Mary sits nicely by the house, while Laura plays in the creek with Jack.
J arranged the greenery on the roof and built the plum tree by the door.
L was in charge of arranging the water, bridge and path, and greenery on the ground.

Inside the house, two beds with patchwork quilts,
Rapunzel's stove with a tall stove pipe, and a broom in the corner.


Martha said...

That's really awesome! We loved reading Little House books. ♥ That picture of your husband sitting on the couch and one of your daughters standing and the other sitting reminds me of our house...always different way to be comfy and listen to the story.

gretchenjoanna said...

What a lot of creativity and imagination went into that project, which I'm sure contained many lessons both obvious and subtle. You are a good mom!

Emmie said...

I love this! I cannot wait until my dd is old enough for the Little House books.