Kittens: Soupa and Moupes

I've been eyeing this kitty pattern from Make Your Own Toys by Sue Havens for a few years. I don't really use patterns very often since most of the time I just like to make it up as I go. Invariably, using someone else's pattern always leads me to do something in a way I wouldn't have planned myself. I think that's probably a pretty good thing. Sue's book is full of really cute animals in a simple and sort of classic rag-doll style. She encourages reusing fabrics, which I love. These are made from an orangey-gold sweater.

So these kittens I've named Soupa and Moupes, although the girls have rejected these names for something more practical, like Kitty.


Jules said...

Cute moggies! Love how they have different characters! I used this same pattern to make 'Mogtog Paws' for my daughter(you can see him on my blog for August 2012) and he's still a favourite. Might have to look out that book again to work on something new! These ones looks so cosy and cuddly!

Martha said...

Such cute kitties...and I just posted about using an old sweater (we made 3 pairs of mittens this week)! ♥ I love upcycling.

Sue Havens said...


Unknown said...

I Love your kitties!! ~Sue Havens