My dear friends, I'm heartbroken this morning having read the sad news about Kathreen Ricketson and her family while on their family road trip. Kathreen has been an immense source of support and encouragement and connection to me throughout my years of blogging and sewing, as I'm sure she was to so many. I worked with Kathreen on Kid's Crafternoon Sewing and a few guest blogs at WhipUp, but mostly she kept me searching for greater and more beautiful ways to integrate craft and family and life. Kathreen's work focused onbuilding community, which is amazing and generous and oh-so-needed today.

Here's a lovely interview she gave after founding WhipUp.
Stay informed at WhipUp to contribute to a fund for their children.


Matushka Anna said...

How tragic. Memory Eternal!

Martha said...

Very sad...it sounds like something we dream of doing, taking a year long trip to Australia. ♥ I hope the children have someone who will step up and take good care of them.

Rebecca said...

How sad!! I'll be thinking of her and her family.

Michelle M. said...

Oh, how sad. I can't even imagine. May their memories be eternal!