Baking Together

We're getting ready for some birthday celebrating this weekend, so the girls and I baked their birthday cakes today. Usually, I like to make the cake a surprise, but this year the girls both wanted rainbow cakes, and since that wasn't a surprise I thought they'd like to play with the food coloring with me.

We'll celebrate both birthdays together this year, so we're making two cakes. L is having a true rainbow, and J chose a pink value scale. This was a fun follow up on the recent color wheel lesson we did. I think they'll both be beautiful!

We used one cake mix (yes, friends, a mix!) and baked 12 little cakes in washed tuna and pineapple cans. I put a 1/4 cup of batter in 12 little bowls and we added food coloring, then baked them 4 at a time (because we couldn't eat 12 cans of tuna on such short notice).

After baking, I sliced off the rounded tops with a bit of thread so they will stack more neatly, and the girls and I ate the little cut off pieces. I will decorate and assemble them later so that there is at least a little surprise - but I'm glad we did this part together.

The girls and I thought that even the mess we made was beautiful. It's nice to have something to celebrate when there has been so much sadness in the news and from friends lately. In the picture below they each just happen to be wearing their favorite colors, which nicely match the cakes we made. I can't believe how quickly they grow, and how precious and beautiful they are! 


Martha said...

Wow...they are SO pretty. ♥ An excellent lesson on color-mixing and the color wheel follow-up! I love Louise's rainbow. And June's monochromatic cake! Will you frost them, too? My daughter's 10th birthday is in a few days...she wants me to try to make a rollerskate cake. Round life savers for the wheels and licorice laces requested, as seen in a picture. We are going rollerskating in the evening with some friends to celebrate!!!

Laura said...

Yes, we'll ice them with chocolate frosting. More about these cakes to come!

I love a theme for a birthday - rollerskating is awesome. Can't wait till mine are big enough!