One Eyed Jacks

We're enjoying our hens being out and about, and the eggs are definitely better for it. My latest breakfast craze (why do I get so excited about breakfast food?) are One Eyed Jacks. I'm still trying to figure out the right timing for putting the cheese on, because I feel a one-eyed-jack should have pepper jack cheese. The one pictured above has no cheese, and turned out perfectly with the white fully cooked and the yolk a little runny. I'm pretty good at cooking my eggs unevenly, so a perfectly cooked egg was heaven for me.

Here are a couple of recipes I'm referencing.

The girls thought that was too much for them, and they would not even try the egg in the toast. Which was just fine with me. They ate the toasted circles and regular eggs.

How do you like your eggs? Anyone know when to put the cheese on a one-eyed jack?

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