Library Books and Flour Dough

Weasel very proudly received her own library card this fall, and as usual, we've been pouring over library books. One of her favorite things to do is recreate scenes and stories that she reads in books. Last week, we made flour dough and made some of our favorite things from our favorite books. We painted them with acrylic craft paint after we baked them, but the paint has not held up very well. I think dying the dough with food dye before making things would certainly hold the color better, and would save me from cleaning up paint. Here are some of our little toys.

Jewelweed, from Fancy Nancy Poison Ivy Expert

An octopus from An Octopus is Amazing

The three ball brothers from Three Magic Balls

Flying Bunny and Bunny Tree from Runaway Bunny 

The frog, from Angel, What do You Hear?

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