Pink Dog, Wild Animals and Three

If your'e following along with our family's pink dog saga, you may remember that June's favorite toy is Blue Dog. Blue Dog is Pink Dog's counterpart, and the way I remember it Blue Dog became June's favorite because Pink Dog was Louise's favorite and that's how sisters are. 

Still, as June has gotten older, she has clearly chosen pink as her favorite color. One night, as I was tucking her in bed with Blue Dog, she asked me, "Mommy, where is my pink dog?" I understood the philosophical ponderings of my two year old, because clearly her beloved dog should have been pink. Ah, the misfortunes of life. 

For this birthday we welcomed a new little pink dog into the family. She hasn't gotten an official name yet - I'll keep you posted. We also got another excellent game from Eeboo. I like this one a lot, and it was a good fit for June who isn't big on following rules.

We also had some wild animals to prepare us for our zoo trip, which we've all been jazzed about. The cake (brownie) wasn't too fancy, but I liked that each person got to choose which animals was on their slice. 

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