Summer Time

In other summery updates: 

Movie Night: This photo is awful, but with a little decorating, popcorn in bags and other junk food - we let the kids stay up late one night to watch Ramona and Beezus. It was an awesome movie and fun silly times. The decorating made up for the lack of movie projector (which L was expecting for some reason).

We've done a little painting this summer. You can tell J's a lefty because all her pictures end up in the bottom left hand corner. I was proud of her first representational painting: Snakes.

L is on a rainbow kick. You might also find a dog in a tornado, and a nest full of rainbow eggs.

And how have I not updated you on the house before now? Here's the foundation going in.

The framing went up a few weeks ago. 

And the other details coming in, bit by bit. 
I'm excited. Oh, yes.

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Martha said...

What a great wall of art...I went through a rainbow stage, too!!!