Make a book

Since I make several printable coloring books, and hope to do more, I thought I'd show you how I put them together. It's super easy.

First, you need to print the pages front and back. This is easy/hard depending on how familiar you are with your printer, or how awesome your library is. I've got connections at the library, so no big.

You have several options for assembling the books:

1. Our library has a long arm stapler which I use to put two staples along the center fold - make sure the spiky points are on the inside of the book.

2. A regular stapler won't reach the center fold. (Is there a size between regular and long arm? I don't know.)  You can fold the book closed, and put two staples along the folded edge, very close to the edge. I don't like this as much because you lose space on the inside, and it just doesn't fold as nicely. But if you crease your fold nicely after stapling, it works out okay.

3. My favorite method is to sew the spine. I use regular sewing thread, set my stitch length to 5 and just sew straight down the fold. Okay, sometimes I sew a little wiggly - but I'm not a perfectionist, people. I don't back stitch on the ends because that puts too many holes in the paper.

Trim the threads and add a dab of elmer's glue on each end to keep the thread from unraveling. Ta da! You can only do this through 5 or 6 sheets of paper, much more will break your needle so use a stapler!

I make blank books this way often to throw in my bag for the kids or to use when I'm out of sketchbooks. I use a different color thread for each kid - which helps tell them apart, but also just makes them seem a little more exciting.

I originally learned the sewing method here, where she makes really lovely journals using fancy papers.

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