Spring Dresses

I saw this crazy simple lovely shirred skirt tutorial a month or so ago, and while I still haven't made one for myself, I thought that it would work so well with the pajama pattern I had just made for the girls.  But instead, I decided to lengthen the top and make it a dress, making it flare out a bit at the bottom.  I did about 10 rows of shirring. Again it was super simple, and it looked so lovely with a little sweater.

I think Lou's dress turned out looking more pajama like, but I think it's because the fabric is a bit thin.  Anyway, it would make a great night gown, too, right?

And then I made bloomers, cause let me tell you teaching a 4 year old to keep her skirt down is rough (let's not even mention the 2 year old).  Again I used the same pajama pants pattern, but made them really short. I used some stretch lace around the legs to make them snug around the legs and add a little frill.  Unfortunately, you can't see the lace at all here, because by the time I took this photo they'd been running around through the grass like crazy, and I feel like a bad mom when I make my kids stand still for pictures too long (not to mention pictures of their bloomers).  But anyway, you get the idea.

I realized as I took these photos that this will be our last summer here at this house, which is oh so bittersweet.  Such lovely memories here.

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