Happy (4th day of the) New Year!

I used to dream of big New Year's eve parties with confetti and gowns - very Harry Met Sally.  I'm slowly beginning to understand that just isn't where my life is now.  Now, we tuck the kids into bed, and quietly eat our party foods and talk about what we hope to do better next year.  I realized today that's such a good thing.  I'm not really in need of a big romantic finish - but I am in need of new beginnings.

I had hoped to start a new family tradition this year, but unfortunately New Year's Eve was spent driving and driving, and New Year's day was left to unpacking and succumbing to the virus that always stows away on a roadtrip.  Blech.

Whatever.  January 4th is as good a day for a fresh start as any, right?

The girls and I baked a New Year's Cake yesterday, and we hid a coin inside (okay, two). Our recipe was pretty simple, sort of like a pound cake. I saw a couple other recipes I'd like to give a shot.  Whoever gets the slice with the coin is supposed to have a very blessed year.  The cake turned out super pretty, although stuck in my bundt pan.  And yummy, although none of us felt much like eating since we're all still a little stuffy.  We ate more of the cake after breakfast today, and we still haven't found the slices with the money!  I even poked around and cheated a bit.

But that's okay.  Now I know for sure there are blessings ahead this year.

Last night, John and I snuck out to watch the meteor shower, with baby monitor in hand. It was beautiful and surreal to think of how big the world is. I feel full of hope and expectation.  I hope you do too. Happy New Year!

I'll be taking a little time off here, to finish up my book and hang with my family. I'm still available by email if you have any blog/pattern questions {wilsonlauralynn [at] gmail [dot] com} I'll see you in the spring!

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