Tiny Dogs #nightsewing

 L has been asking if she's going to get a tiny red dog like Clifford (when he was a puppy) for Christmas.  So of course, I had to make another dog for her, and one more for J.

So, I shrunk the pattern.  Really I just opened the image on my computer and zoomed out then I traced it until the whole pattern fit on half a sheet of paper.  It's like having a light box.  They sewed up really quickly, although the head gusset was tricky because the fleece is so thick and the corners are so tiny.  Still, I'm really growing to appreciate how forgiving fleece is.  Why didn't I see this before?

These little ones have stuffing in the heads, but the rest of the body is all poly-beads which I'm also totally into now.  Sorry for the yellow-y pictures - had to take them while the kids were sleeping, you know. (Also, the hairy arm below is not mine, just so you know.)

So, I'm totally loving these, and I think that I probably should have been making all of my patterns tiny like this.  And not just because of the storage space.  So, yes.  It's possible that I will be making tiny giraffes, turtles, and dinosaurs next year

(the year of sewing what I want).

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