Pink Dog: revisited

Recently, L had taken Pink Dog out in public and was introducing her to some lucky passerby.

I mentioned before my slight embarrassment and jealousy of the cheesy store bought dog that my daughter prizes*, and how I was learning to love it because she does.

But then, I heard L say, "This is Pink Dog.  Mommy made it for my birthday."

This dog was given to her on a regular day by one of John's sweet co-workers - so it had nothing to do with me or her birthday. But, perhaps in the same way I love her dog because I love her, she thinks I made it because she loves me. Maybe it's silly, but man, that made me happy.

Anyway - I explained that Ms. Sherry gave that to her, and that it was from a store, which she seemed to take in stride.  But the game is on now - I'm embracing the totally excessive number of dogs we have to make a few more for Christmas.  Look for the pattern later this week...

*To be totally fair, there is some talk that Gray Dog is edging out Pink Dog these days. Only time will tell.

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