Family Portrait

We Wilsons

I don't think we've ever had an official family portrait made - something I really meant to do this summer... But here's the one L made for John's birthday.  I had to remember to get a picture of it when I was at the library where it hangs in his office.  Its always fun to stop and look at something like this again and see all the choices she made.

So a bit about how we made it. I've been really encouraged by the way Brooke at Inchmark gives her kids a simple starting point with their art projects. It provides a structure to keep their freedom from turning into chaos.  So I drew the oval head shapes and simple diagonal lines for shoulders, then she drew the eyes nose and mouth in pencil, and painted in the rest.  I think it turned out so amazing - those noses just make me so happy. 


The only structure I provide for the two year old is rinsing out her brush occasionally. She isn't too interested in painting yet, which gives me all kinds of unnecessary anxiety. She's just got to like painting, right? But looking back at this and seeing the different colors she chose and all the different marks she made calms me.  This is it. It's happening.


Chara said...

That is really adorable.

t sanders said...

I love the dinosaurs. She can give it to me for Christmas. :)

Martha said...

Thanks for sharing...the family portrait is really sweet. And so are the dinosaurs, I ♥ unstructured environments!