Last minute Treat Bags

All right, last minute tutorial.  I've got a fast version (20 minutes), and a faster version (10 minutes).  If you need one faster than that, grab a pillow case. ;)

1.  print template and cut out.  You may want to enlarge it if you've got bigger (or greedier) kids. You don't have to print my template, either - just eyeball it if you want.  The template is only a quarter of the bag, so either print two and tape together then place on a fold; or fold your fabric in half, then in half again, lining up both of the straight sides on a fold.  Or, like I said, eyeball it, and just fold once.  Did that make sense?

2.  Cut out two bags from the template - an inner and an outer.

3.  Open up the pieces and stack with right sides facing.  Sew the handles together, then clip slits in the curves.

 4.  Turn right side out. You may need to iron, unless you're in a hurry.  Now your handles are sewn up all nice and neat. 

5.  Fold the bag in half again the with the outside in.  sew all four layers of the outer edge together and trim with pinking shears (or cut slits in the seam allowance).  Turn it right side out, and you're finished. 

1.  cut out one layer of fleece, felt or other non-fraying fabric, fold in half and sew around the bottom edge of the bag.  Turn right side out. 

Two bags!  I made mine in fabrics to match the costume, but the shape would make a lovely jack-o-lantern with a felt appliqued face...  If you have more time.  :)

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Unknown said...

Love this bag…I pinned it to my sewing with kids board…thanks