Day and Time

The sun going up and down (relatively speaking) is one of those things you forget you have to explain to a child.  You assume she already knows it, and she does, sort of.  But its neat to talk about how the sun and sky change in (almost) the same way every day and that we humans organize our lives around those changes.  This is when we wake up, this is when we do school, this is lunchtime, and here J wakes up from her nap...

Plus, it was cool to talk about the way the colors change around the sun. Then actually mixing and painting them together, and watching them change throughout the day.  Which reminds me of this Color of the Sky Watch that I just remembered and suddenly feel I must have.

We painted the sky colors, then pasted the suns and moon on.  Whenever we paint something for school, I tell her she has to follow the rules for the first painting, but then she gets to paint whatever/however she wants for the second painting.  I think she enjoys both.

I never really like science as a kid - I'm loving it now.

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Lucy said...

I happen to know a certain third grader who will really enjoy this activity as part of his next lesson block. Thanks for the inspiration!