Horses and Unicorns

I haven't had a chance to share the horses I made this summer.  J, my littlest, loves horses - almost as much as the big one loves dogs.  I love to see them love something - it reminds you how different we all are.  Anyway, I wanted to make J a horse for her birthday. 

I made the brown one for J, but it was made of old stretched out fleece that didn't hold its shape well, so I also made her a white one.  It is made from new flannel and held up super nice.  And the hair - whew, that was also a bit of learning experience.  Let me just say, after having a hot sweaty toddler nap on it the first day, the wool yarn hair looked a bit more like dread locks.  Okay, let's do more than say, let's show - crazy haired horse below.  Funny, that same yarn is what made the squirrel tails so awesome.  The white horse has cotton yarn hair, which hangs nicely.

But you know how my kids are.  She loves the brown one despite the crazy hair.  She loves the white one, too.  They're friends.  I love her cute face as we opened the package. 

I had a bit of fun making them, too.  At some point, I decided my kids really needed to learn about unicorns, so I added a horn to a few horses.  And then of course, I couldn't resist playing and nuzzling them - ouch!  #NightSewing is the best.  It's like grown up play time (occasionally with tweeting).  You can find the pattern in the shop


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These are really really awesome!

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