Funny Food

I love the idea of bento boxes, but I think my kids are still too picky. Still, I've been trying to arrange their food in cute ways, to cut down on all the pre-eating fussing. I only use foods that they will actually eat, and I'm still careful about which things touch. And, L is quite delighted. (J  doesn't need motivation to eat.)  Here are some of our recent hits:

PB house, with broccoli tree, and a little dressing pond.

Egg Clock with sliced hard boiled eggs and cheese hands.

Sugar snap pea smile with PB hearts
(from cookie cutters - my lunch plate was less pretty with all of the scraps)

scrambled egg squares

Pureed bean chili (so there are no chunks),
with corn chips, cheese, and spoon.
They actually ate the chili, so this was a win.

PB butterfly, with cheese stick and sunflower seeds for eyes.  
I should have realized this would require a side dish of sunflower seeds.

Rice balls!  I said they were bird eggs, 
and the one who eats lettuce also got a nest.  
These are filled with peas and carrots, 
and I honestly can't believe how well the kids eat them. 

regular food, just arranged decoratively.  L wasn't happy
with it just being pretty, she wanted it to BE something.
She rearranged hers into a flower.


Jenny Crill said...

You are so creative! I might try this approach with my girls. They've turned into picky eaters. How did you make the rice balls and chili?

Laura said...

Jen - the chili is just our regular chili, but I pureed about a cup of it in our blender for the kids. There is a link to the rice ball tutorial I used under the picture. Basically I used a small teacup with plastic wrap as the mold.

t sanders said...

The thought of your plate not being so pretty made me laugh. sorry.

Diana said...

Wow. I'm coming to eat at your house. Fun food! I especially like the egg clock. Yum!