Kids' Crafternoon winners!

I was sketching out a new large pattern on a roll of wrapping paper this morning.  Which, of course, the girls found irresistible, and long story short - there is now wads of pink wrapping paper all over my living room.  I decided to go with it, and write the names of all the commenters on scraps of this lovely paper.  The girls each drew a name out of the hat. 

festive picture from the archives,
i.e. not what my living room looks like today
Louise drew Jennifer, and June drew Polly!  I'll be emailing the winners directly to get the Sewing and Papercraft books in the mail! 


Polly Jones said...

Hurray!!!!! Thank you so much! I love the photograph of June and Louise.

Plushpussycat said...

Congrats to the lucky winners! Fun!