InchWorm Pattern and Give Away

Happy Summer!  I'm officially back, and what a way to come back!  A give-away below, and still one day left to enter the drawing for the Kid's Crafternoon books (enter here).

I've been sewing all kinds of new designs this year, but I just can't tell you about them yet (I say through gritted teeth).  I wish I could, it's much more fun.  So, when I had an idea that wasn't a good fit for the book, I was quite excited to put it together for you guys, here and now.  So here it is!

This little inchworm is quickly becoming one of my favorite toys.  He's pretty easy to sew and darn cute - but the way he moves?!  Be still my heart.  I can't get enough of perfecting my inching abilities.

I've been wanting to make an inchworm for so long, but couldn't figure out how to make him move.  As usual, the solution was pretty simple - it's all about the filling.  And the best part is seeing how the different fabrics move in slightly different ways.  Am I going on too much about this?  Have a look for yourself.

So, here you go, limited time give-away - he's available for download right here until Thursday morning whenever I roll out of bed. (Updated: the give away is now over!) Please, please, make some inchworms and show them to me!  After the give away, you can find the pattern in the shop along with a few of the inchworms themselves.

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Mom2fur said...

He's absolutely hilarious! I think he'd make a great stocking stuffer for a little boy. (It's soooo hard to find makeables for little boys, IMHO!)

Hopped over here from "one pretty thing." Love your blog!