little birthdays and uncaptured lives

The night before L birthday, as I was realizing that the rainy weather was going to mess up my plans for our outdoor activities - my cupcakes bombed.  The younger one started to get a fever and a friend wasn't sure he'd make it to the party. 

I was frustrated and getting grumpy.

But thankfully, I had a moment of clarity.  Celebrations are happy, and little people are happy.  And Lou won't care if I use a cake mix.

So, I ran to town to get a cake mix from the store and a dog shaped cake pan from the public library (how cool is that?).   While the cake was baking, I cut up a flannel pillowcase and some felt and made a quick felt-board type Pin the Tail on the Dog.  Seriously - this is a quick in a pinch.  Cut, topstitch and tape to the wall - the felt tails will stick on their own if you pat a little.   John and I put up some decorations (a felt bunting, and several yards of ball fringe trim, a white table cloth and fresh flowers) and I laid out her crown and a pink dress.  I love for her to wake up to a decorated table - it just seems to make the whole day exciting.

And then, as I finished icing the cake and applied some chocolate chip spots, I vowed to finish up tonight.  To celebrate tomorrow.  To give her the one thing she wants (and I struggle to give) the most: my attention.

The next morning, as I was trying to get a nice picture of my pretty table setting, I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to just enjoy this, and not try to document it?"   I thought how lucky people without blogs are. So I started over.  I decided to celebrate, and give L (and sick J) my attention. 

And we had such a beautiful day. 

There are days, when I want to completely disconnect from all of my online platforms, to just walk away from all of it.  I'm not quite ready yet, but I think one day I will.  For now, I think I'll take the summer off.  With John taking time off, the weather being (sometimes) beautiful, and me sewing top-secret book projects - now just seems like a good time.

I hope your summer is full of celebration, and I'll see you in the fall. 


Chara said...

That was so well put. Even without documenting their lives for other people it's really hard to be okay with not meeting your own standards sometimes.

Hayley said...

I agree. My blog takes me away a lot. But it helps me stay sane too. I have to learn to balance better. I do occasionally put down the camera, but I should do it more often. I think you are a wise mother.

Plushpussycat said...

It IS hard to find balance! That's my ongoing struggle too. And I know just what you mean. Enjoy your summer!

Olivia said...

You are right about blogs. It can definitely disconnect you from those moments we are trying so very hard to keep in our hearts and memories forever.

I try to create blog posts more as an after thought. :)

Have a beautiful summer! Enjoy!

Nicoll said...

As a new mother, you said several wise things I have now committed to memory for my child's future days. Thanks!

Elangatang said...

Good for you! Have a wonderful Summer!

Care said...

Good for you!! Truly ENJOY your summer! :o)