Come As You Are

Being at home all day, in a tiny (cozy), messy (full), old (beautiful) house makes you keenly aware of the disconnect between a practical home and homes in those design-y photos.  You know the ones: the house always has a clear design scheme, a perfect color set, and one pair of crisp clean Chuck Taylor's haphazardly laying on the rule of thirds.  I love these.  They're beautiful.  They make me feel bad about myself.

I've noticed a blog trend lately to post about what your house really looks like.  Leave it to women to pull together and say, "hey, don't miss what's beautiful about my messy house."  And we moms may not be winning awards, making history, or, at times, coming up with anything interesting to say in adult conversation - but we are saturated in little pure and joyful lives every day.  Let's hope it rubs off.

She can tend to 6 babies, a fire engine, and a wolf in the village all at once.

No fancy dinner parties, but we're 75% of the way through the alphabet.

Resting after thoughtfully arranging the crayons into families.

A large playroom is only fun when someone is there to play with you.

Flour on the counter top means bread in the oven.

Usually organized studio, sometimes tidy, rarely pretty, always busy.


Unknown said...

100 percent beautiful! it makes me want to come in, take my shoes of an arrange crayons too!

Amy Gaskin said...

awesome, I love it! And haha - I just noticed a pair of chucks askew in one of my real life photos. Totally not planned. I guess art really does imitate life. ;)

zemmely said...

I really love your house, even though I've only been there once. I hope to come back again before too long. Thanks for making me feel (through your pictures) like I've just had a visit.