celebrating with the girls with Pac-Man and Frogger
For my 30th birthday, John took me on a weekend trip to Memphis, which was kind of a big deal. It was our first get away since we became parents, so it was a big step for both of us.  We go to Memphis every now and then, so we didn't feel pressured to sight see - we were just able to enjoy the city without kids in tow.

Illustrated guide to the weekend for the girls
I loved getting to slow down and look at paintings, eat a lot of great food, have a little fun on Beale Street, sleep as late as I wanted, and pray without interruption. 

I also loved coming home to my girls on Mother's Day (who, by the way, also had a thrilling weekend with grandparents).  Now, I am relishing each little moment of the girls dancing or talking in high pitched little pretend voices. I'm making ginger sage hot tea and playing in the garden with the girls.  

I am thrilled about where I am right now: 30, working really hard on a book, being changed every day by motherhood.  Growing.    

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