Printable Coloring Cards

"Hello" says the bull frog.
"Psst" whispers the squirrel, eager to tell his secret.
The bashful skunk beams with love.
A plucky duck shouts you "Hi!"

Four sweet animal cards for you to download and print, then fold the card in half, and color. (Update: Cards have been updated and can now be found in my shop.Write notes on the inside and they are ready to be mailed to your grandma, teacher, uncle, and best friend.   I made these a long time ago, and I'm only just now getting around to sharing them.  I wanted to get the kids involved in sending thank you's and other letters.  Maybe I'll get around to do that soon, too.  :)


Beaufulah said...

Holy cowbells! These are PRECIOUS!! Lovelovelove. That little skunk! Oh so sweet <3

Laura G said...

Thank you for the lovely and free printouts. My children will love coloring these in, and their grandparents and aunts will love getting them. Have a Happy 30th! I can attest that it's just fine, and have recently turned 40, which is also quite normal. Be warned, though, your 30's pass by in a flash, especially with two lovely young ladies to keep you busy! I have two of my own, and a surprise little 3 yr old boy who brings us all so much joy.