Good Gifts

I saw this great tutorial for a simple toddler back pack at Indietutes, and decided this would be great for the little birthdays we have coming up.  The pattern is quick and simple, and I imagine these will be very functional.  I used a grey corduroy I had in my stash and added a little color with some fun trims and pockets. 

I'm way ahead for birthday planning, but since our money is a little tight this year I've been trying to think of some inexpensive things I can make or buy.  That made me think about what makes a really good gift.  A good gift is more than just a cool object, it's something that promotes the kind of life you want to live.  With that in mind here's a list of what makes a good children's gift (with some clues about what we're doing this year):

a few precious items instead of a bunch of junk
things that encourage imagination
something they have to take care of
a fun outing
something you'll both love

What makes a good gift for your kids?


www.sewrayme.co.uk said...

These little bags are adorable, so cute!

Beaufulah said...

Let's see...I always think that the best gifts are handmade or are art supplies. I love shopping on etsy or making a gift and combining that with either a new/vintage book or really nice art supply item, like a lovely new packet of watercolor paper.
I'm shockingly awesome at picking out gifts for kids and lovedoing so. A small wooden sailboat by nova toys has been our go-to gift for a while now as it is so lovely&inspiring to see how much it gets used.