Messenger Bag of Awesome

 I was in a bit of a funk last week. After a frustrating few days without my sewing machine,  I picked it up from the place only to find out something else was wrong with it.  Follow that news with a sleepless night due to babies who won't sleep through a storm, and a late morning chasing a mouse out of the house (which may have involved some shrieking).

The next day I was still grumpy, and I decided its time to make this grump go away.

So I decided a little extra curricular sewing was in order.  Something just for me.  In a blur of morning and scissors, I combined ideas from two lovely tutorials (basic messenger bag and puffy pouch) to make a bag that met my current needs/whims.  I love messenger style bags and haven't had one in so long.  Combine that with these peekaboo pleats and some of my favorite vintage prints, and voila.  Grumpy begone!

It really made me think about how much I really enjoy sewing and making something.  And that I don't sew for fun enough.  Ha, well, maybe next year.  2012 - the year of sewing what I want?


Ammieloris said...

Wow! I <3 those cute peekaboo pleats with the corduroy. :D :D I love to sew for fun, too. (So is your machine fixed, or did you do this by hand?)

Laura said...

No, I sewed it on the machine. It was working as long as I sewed with a straight stitch. :) It's all better now though!

Lori said...

You know, I've heard of a big bag of awesome. And now I've seen it.

This is fabulous. Thanks for adding to my list of things to do.

Thanks. Thanks a lot. ;)

t sanders said...

I really like it a lot.