Land scouts

I'm so looking forward to summer so I can start my garden.  John is busy with the house this summer,  so I'm taking charge of the garden - and I feel more than a little nervous about it to tell the truth.  I usually flake out.  You'll have to remind me to go take care of it.

The local wisdom around here says not to plant your garden until after Easter.  Unfortunately, the tornado weather has kept me from getting my seedlings out.  Maybe this weekend?

I've also been looking forward to summer because I want to earn Land Scout badges! Urban Land Scouts was started by Katie Ries and teaches and encourages people to be good stewards to the land where they live, especially barren or wasted land.  I love this idea, even though I definitely live in a rural area.  So I was thrilled to receive my first two badges, after I posted about our seed bombing! (one for the seed bombs, and one for blogging about it)  There's loads of information to get started on the website.  Check it out, and become a land scout!

Now any ideas where to put my badges?  I'm thinking, another messenger bag?


zemmely said...

Hurray for badges!

I've started sewing them onto a black and grey messenger bag--maybe when I'm finished sewing all of them on, I'll take a picture.

Plushpussycat said...

Sweet badges! How about wearing them across your chest, with the "proud scout" look! :-)