Phonics Coloring Book

I've been working on a Phonics Coloring Book to help L learn her letters. We're doing a little home pre-schooling, and I thought this would be fun. L loves all the school activities, as long as it's a little laid back. She's only 3 after all.

The printable version of the coloring book is now in the shop.  It includes a small book that you can print on regular letter paper with an opening for each letter of the alphabet.  Each letter has a picture to color and space for little ones to practice writing their letters.  In addition to the book, it also includes instructions for printing and assembling the book, and a full size coloring page for each letter, assembled as 2 easily printed pdfs.  I drew pictures of animals and objects that my 3 year old would easily know to help her recognize the sounds and associate them with the letter.  Also, I was careful to make the letters in fonts that actually look like the way you write letters, without all the extra flourishes, which can be confusing. 

I'm giving away coloring pages for the letters L-O-V-E and a composite page, which would make a cute valentine coloring page. Download here or buy the entire printable book here. Share the love!


Chara said...

Wow! Did Louise write her own name?

That is so cute.

Laura said...

yes, Chara. She can write most of the letters herself, but usually won't. So I write her name lightly in pencil and she traces over it. So cute.

wonderwheat said...

I absolutely love this! I've been thinking of making a little book sort of like this. When I taught at our church preschool last year I ended up doing a lot of random drawings to make into color or activity sheets for our class when we couldn't find printables that we liked. But all your drawings are so much nicer than mine. I need way more practice! Maybe I'll find more inspiration once Owen gets here. I'm already excited about home schooling and he's not even born yet. :o)

Claire said...

I'm trying to decide whether or not to buy the "printable" book or the one already printed. How many pags. is the one that I print myself...I'monly asking because we have the worlds WORST printer, so it may make a difference! Thanks, friend. This is really perfect. Great child's gift, too! -Claire