Play Food

I meant to make a bunch of food to go with L's kitchen this past Christmas, but it just didn't happen. Sometimes, especially when things are busy, the idea of learning another new thing is just one thing too many. Plus, I know there are a lot of talented people already devoting all their creativity to play food. So if you can't make it yourself, letting someone else do it is the next best thing.

I got this play food from OneNOnly on etsy, and really it's absolutely beautiful. I bought it for L's birthday, which is still a couple months away. Mine is still packed away, so these photos are from her product listings. In person, they are even more lovely - just smaller than life size and carefully hand stitched.

There are lots of things to choose from on Etsy, but I wanted to get items that I thought L would be able to combine together in several different ways. The bow tie pasta will be perfect for her soup pot, the sandwich stuff can be combined to make a dozen different kinds of sandwiches, plus some fun stuff on it's own. I'll be setting aside a couple of bananas from the pancake set for J's birthday with lofty dreams of sharing in our future


julie said...

Okay, those banana slices are AMAZING!!!

Nicole said...

How fun are those bow ties?!