L's Kitchen

I labeled this under "stuff I made" only because I don't have a category for stuff John made. Perhaps I should.

We talked this out together, but John built it for L for Christmas with very little help from me. My contribution was the little curtain, potholders and apron.

He used an old picture frame for the oven window, and made little shelves to hide all the kitchen toys.

The oven rack slides in and out. He made it from dowel rods.

I forget where we got the idea of using a mixing bowl for the sink, but I think we saw it done several places. We have a bunch of milk glass knobs we're saving for our house that worked nicely here.

John, with his affinity for gadget making, made little fire bits that come up on the stove when you turn the knobs - using dowel rods, paint sticks and hinges. L was very impressed - and so was I.

I found an old set of kids tupperware at a rummage sale and was giddy with excitement. I like to arrange the dishes and food neatly on the shelf, but L likes to throw it all in the sink. I get to play with it my way during nap time.

We have some plastic dollar store food, but really L likes to make rock and money soup. I've ordered some lovely play food for her that I'll share soon...


Chara said...

We just bought Jonah a kitchen from IKEA. It matches our existing kitchen cabinets. Jonah likes to pile all the dishes and food in the sink too. I'm going to assume he's not just taking after his mama.

caitlyn said...

my parents (very diy people) built my play kitchen too as a child. it was green and just about the coolest thing ever. i spent countless hours playing on that thing.

since i chose to go into food as a career.... i'd say the time was well worth it!

Sally said...

What a brilliant kitchen. Your partner is a very clever and handy man. Bravo to him.

erin said...

Yay John! Great kitchen. Easy Bake, what?

Rachael @Mogantosh said...

This is FABULOUS! We have a little wooden kitchen that's a popular toy, but this is a work of art. Beautifully done.

Wendy said...

Wow, you guys are amazing! What a lucky girl! Our Sophie loves her play kitchen too - and yes, very fun to play with - I mean arrange - when she is asleep!