Sweater Stockings

I realized this year we only had three stockings. I thought for sure I had four, but it turns out not. I had lofty visions of patchwork stockings using this really pretty fabric that was my grandmother's. But, that's really not the kind of project you take on a week before Christmas.

Sweater stockings, on the other hand, are a great last minute project! These were so easy, and I thought I was brilliant for thinking of it - until I saw it on Martha Stewart. Ah well.

I had hoped to find some Bridget Jones style sweaters with intarsia reindeer, but Goodwill was lacking in last minute Christmas sweaters. I did find an XL cabled sweater, and a fair isle snowflake sweater. I was able to get 2 stockings from each one. It took longer to cut them out than it did to sew them. I just scissor-traced (yeah, I just made that up) around an old stocking. I used the ribbing at the bottom of the sweater for the cuff so, there was no hemming or anything, just sewed around the edges and added a yarn loop for hanging.

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