Spoonflower Doll Panels

I designed this doll panel a few weeks ago for Spoonflower's Design Challenge. The voting is up now. You don't have to have a spoonflower account to vote, so go vote! (please, please vote for me!)

These are hand drawn, and then digitally colored. The dolls measure about 12" tall and are intended to be cut out (with a generous seam allowance) and sewn to a backing fabric. One yard makes 12 dolls. I'm thinking I might get some in Spoonflower's organic knit - which would just be oh so huggable.

I'm trying to stick to my do-one-thing-at-a-time-rule, but I've got Halloween costumes, John's birthday tomorrow, and some bible school stuff I volunteered to make. These things sort of happened all at once. So my purse pattern is ALMOST finished, but I probably won't get it up here until next week. Trying to cross off some other things first.

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Julie said...

Love, love, love, love these! If I was a great artist like Laura Wilson...this is what I would make :-)