IF: Flying


I don't plan to participate every week in Illustration Friday, but the topic this week was "flying" so I couldn't resist doing another little piggie illustration. I have some other ideas for this little guy who is fascinated with things that fly, so maybe I'll do some more.

Any thoughts on this? I like the nice bright colors I got with the watercolors this time. I should probably use a ruler and make my borders straight, and maybe more variation in the line thickness?


PixieDust said...

Love the piggie, AND that the borders aren't perfectly straight. It adds character!



Care said...

NO! Don't change anything -- certainly not the borders!! It's perfect!

Polly Jones said...

I wouldn't change anything either! Just spent some time catching up with you via your blog. Your girls are so adorable and so are all your projects. I think you are doing a great job of figuring out how to balance motherhood with your (other) creative exploits. You won't believe how soon they will grow up and you will have more time. Say hi to John for me. We miss you guys.

Jessica said...

Oh no, I love the borders just as they are. I also love the way the blues and yellows pop while the reds recede...a really interesting effect. Beautiful!

soulbrush said...


Laura Bear said...

I just love it! and the line of the hill really carries your eye along. Its just lovely & brightened my day!

wonderwheat said...

I never cease to be amazed by your talent and these little piggie illustrations are my new favorite of yours. I really like your uneven borders (they make it feel more hands-on instead of computer-generated) and the watercolors are beautiful! I miss you and the girls SO MUCH!
-Brittany Wheat

serline said...

This drawing represents the simplicity and beauty of farm life.

Anonymous said...

I'm Chara's mother in law and I love to look at what you have created & designed. I've learned so much in a short time. Keep up the good work. I know it is hard to balance this all out but you do
a great job & look so happy. Have a nice visit with Josh & Chara &
Jonah, who are headed your way.
Carol Watson