Of Frizzy Hair and Headbands

I got my hair cut last week. I'm kind of cyclical about my hair - I grow it long, then cut it really short, then grow it out again. I've never been one to keep up a hairstyle for very long. Fortunately, my hair grows fast, so it's kind of fun for me.

Anyway, when I have short hair my thoughts turn to frizz control and headbands. A few things:

1. Turns out bias tape makes really great headbands. I have a bunch of skinny tape I made a few years ago (that I don't really need) and it has a little stretch so it's really perfect for a quick tie on headband. Just cut and tie.

2. I also got this great hair pin from Once Upon a Wire. I forgot I bought it, and then when it came in the mail wrapped so pretty - it was a delight to open. A little gift to me! I love these vintage enamel flowers.

3. I have three new natural frizz control methods that are working great! Well, I started doing all three at the same time, so it's hard to say which ones are making the biggest difference, but here they are: a. I wash with whatever shampoo/baking soda I'm currently using, but I always rinse with a water/apple cider vinegar/lemon juice mix - the vinegar helps rinse the hair clean, and the lemon juice closes the pores (no, that's not right - follicles?). b. I don't even touch the towel to my head. I just squeeze it dry, then blow dry a little, and air dry the rest. c. I blow dry with cool air. I never considered doing this before, but it keeps those follicle things closed.

That's it. No more hair styling tips from me any time soon, I promise.


Cricket said...

Do you have curly hair? I read a great book called "Curly Girl". It recommended not using shampoo at all, or if you need to, just gently rub it at your scalp. Now my husband, who has very curly hair, doesn't use shampoo. My sister. with even curlier hair, doesn't use shampoo, and then she uses conditioner and doesn't rinse it out. And me? I fall in the just-a-little-shampoo-at-the-scalp category. It was a really interesting book, and we all have much less frizz now.

I always enjoy your blog. :)

mtnman said...

I'm curious if you are saving money by not using shampoo. I like the idea of using a more natural cleaner, but shampoo is very inexpensive.