800 Brilliant Ideas

Okay, not all my ideas are brilliant. My sister sometimes says, "everyone picks their nose, they just don't want to admit it." So, when trying to think of funny secrets to put in my secret messages - this came to me. Maybe just shy of brilliant.

So I just realized I'd never blogged about my secret messages, which I put together a few weeks ago, one late The Office-filled night. I'm intrigued by the idea of flipping something inside out to reveal something else - and these little messages are just that. The most basic kind of flip I could design. They look like little pillows in your hand:

But flip out to reveal an incredibly important message. I'm thinking Sidney Bristow kind of important:

But the great ideas didn't stop with speech bubbles. Oh no, there are Love Notes as well:

And, my favorite, Secret Safes :

John was perplexed. "So someone tells you a secret, and you go buy a little pillow to ensure them you won't tell the secret?" I didn't have a good response. Yes, it's true. These are totally useless. But I wanted to make them. So I did.

What's your secret message?


t sanders said...

I think they are neat. Like the "I hate my job" one, a person could have that on their desk proclaiming to their office they hate that place and no one would be the wiser. It would make people feel somewhat vindicated.

The "I'm pregnant" one would be excellent for a coming out party.

They would also be great for guys to use to propose, make a "will you marry me pillow" with a pocket to put the ring in.

And I do still passionately believe that everyone picks their nose, they just won't admit it.

mtnman said...

Thought about making any macbook or iPhone covers? There's a pretty decent market for sustainable, well designed products like those.