Let someone else do it

Since I began my project of not starting any new projects, I have had no fewer than 800 brilliant ideas. Okay, that's an exaggeration. But it is definitely hard to turn it off. I love making things. But, I have also been so much more relaxed the last week. L and I have been doing some hardcore playing. Plus, I just feel happier. I think I needed some down time.

I didn't sew at all last week - and I was thrilled not to work on that flip doll. It was stressing me out. I'm working on it today though, and it's ALMOST done.

So, what I've learned thus far? I need to make things, but I need to take on smaller projects, rather than huge stressful ones. At least for now. So I've learned my lesson, do I still have to wait three months to start something new? Hmm... maybe so.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to let someone else do a project for me. Eva from AppleandEve is doing a hedgehog project right now. Send her your vintage fabric, and she'll make two hedgehogs from it - one for you, one for her. What a fun idea! Eva has embroidered hedgehogs in her shop. Her embroidery is all by hand - and it's stunning. Be sure to check her out.

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