Mild Mannered Super Hero Flip Doll

Mild Mannered Super Hero Flip Doll

Here he is.

Years ago, I drew a doodle of John as super-librarian, so I like to think of this guy as a mild mannered librarian rather than reporter. Although, with the mustard shirt he kind of has a Dwight Shrute thing going. He can be whoever you like. But, if duty calls, with a quick change (or flip) he'll be a super hero!

He is made mostly of new linen. The librarian's pants are made of a re-purposed wool blend, and Super guy's cape is made of re-purposed cotton knit (super heroes have no time for ironing - he needed something to accommodate his active lifestyle). He is stuffed with new sheep's wool, and his face is hand embroidered. He's got blue eyes and sort of big ears (some of us do, you know). I think he's much cuter in person - I was having a weird photo day.

Mild Mannered Super Hero Flip Doll

He flips a little more snugly than my other flips, and I haven't decided if this is a good thing or not. Frankly, I had to take him apart so many times, I'm glad to be done with him! It's time for him to fly on. He's in the shop now.

Someone mentioned wanting a pattern for him - if there is enough interest, I may try to put one together - although, I didn't take process pictures... let me know what you think.

Mild Mannered Super Hero Flip Doll


mtnman said...

You need to have a comparison photo shoot featuring John. He'd never agree to do it, but it would be very funny to see him in the Dwight Schrute outfit and then the superhero outfit.

t sanders said...

Where's his glasses?

Morgan said...

I definitely think a pattern is needed! He's really cute.