Reusable Snack Bag branches out

We've been meaning to take away L's pacifier for awhile, but I keep forgetting. I finally decided we needed to do this in an organized way (for both of us). So I made this little binky pocket. It's just like the reusable snack bag, except without the PUL (just two cotton layers), and I added a little handle with a piece of bias tape. I thought of it when I realized she couldn't open her snack bags herself (that aplix tape is good!).

It hangs on her bed post, and the pacifier stays inside until naptime and bedtime, when she helps me put it away or get it out. Eventually, I guess we'll just take the pouch away all together. There were a few binky laments when we started, but it has become part of the routine and has been really successful.

Over on the ArtNest, she used the pattern to make a sweet little Crayon Pouch - which shamed me a little, since my crayons are in a plastic bag.

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