Coming Home Dress(es)

I made a coming home dress for baby J (okay, and I had to make a matching one for L). I tried to make L a coming home dress, and it turned out awful - but I just sort of made up the pattern then with no idea what I was doing. So this time I went looking for an actual pattern.

I went with Made By Petchy's adjustable dress pattern - it's sweet and simple, and because it's adjustable it can be worn as a shirt as the baby grows bigger. I scaled it down to make sure it was small enough for a newborn. I also added a lining fabric because I used linen and it was a little scratchy. I love that little rosebud print, so I made the liner show about an inch below the hem.

I put these together during naptime - so easy! It could be easily dressed up or appliqued in lots of ways, too. So I definitely recommend this pattern.

I'll be sure to share "action shots" later on. I'm pretty much ready - anytime now.

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