We celebrated L's birthday this weekend, and I wanted to share one little gift I made for her: doll clothes. She already had this old plastic doll, so I made two new dresses and two diapers to fit. I also made a little baby sling, but it was way too small, so it was quickly turned into a little sleeping bag/pouch for the baby and clothes. I threw in a little diaper cloth as a blanket to complete the set. The diapers were a last minute idea - I am now a reluctant pro at sewing diapers since I spent months making L's. These were much simpler, of course.

The kangaroo pouch I made for L wasn't so successful, so I've been tickled to see [help] L give the baby a clean diaper and wrap her up and change her dresses over and over again.

Also, I finally got to give her the broom from Palumba. What a hit! She's been running around with her "special broom" ever since.

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Elaine Cox said...

That's great! I like the baby doll diapers, very cute. Her hair is getting long. That looks like such a neat broom, would like to get my kids something like that. Just got Lydia a little stroller, and she really likes it. Raleigh does too, and he likes to run around the house in laps pushing a baby in it. You guys (as well as other things) have influenced us to give cloth diapering a try again. Are the patterns you used very hard?